Conduct PVBox for SMA STP CORE1


Conduct PVBox for SMA STP CORE1

We offer PVbox SMA specifically for protecting SMA converters. Thanks to the Type 1+2 SPDs provided in the PVbox, the PVbox SMA connection boxes always offer the right level of protection. As a PV engineer, you no longer have to inquire whether an external lightning protection system is present: 

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  • Manufacturer Conduct
  • Accessory Product Type Combiner Boxes
  • Commodity Code 85354000
  • Dimensions (mm) (H x W x D) 440 x 640 x 179

PVbox SMA suffices. This makes PVbox SMA ideal as a regular overvoltage protection cabinet for use in the presence of and connection to a lightning protection system. PVbox SMA is completely based on the technical guidelines as set out by SMA and can be directly connected by MC4 connectors. Based on SMA and PVbox SMA you can connect PVpanels in the correct and most secure way.

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