Emlite 1 Phase GSM Meter



Designed specifically for the collection of micro-generation metering data,  EMGSM1 provides remote collection of meter readings especially generation  metering of wind, solar and any other renewable energy installations. The meter is of modular construction and allows a range of communication modules to  be fitted to allow for future developments in remote metering.  

The meter is a fully MID approved device and can provide functionality over and above that required for generation metering making it suitable for many other applications. Additional functionality includes Time-of-Use Rate Switching, Power Quality Recording, Active (kWh) and Reactive (kvarh) energy measurement across both import and export. 

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  • Manufacturer Emlite
  • Accessory Product Type Meters
  • Dimensions (mm) (H x W x D) 182 × 126 × 68
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