Hoppecke 2V 990Ah (C100) Lead-Acid OPzV Valve Regulated Battery

SKU: 3150555214

Hoppecke 2V 990Ah (C100) Lead-Acid OPzV Valve Regulated Battery

The HOPPECKE grid | power VR L battery is a sealed, stationary, lead-acid battery with fixed electrolyte. Its design principle is based on the use of gauntleted positive plates and fixation of the electrolyte by gelling. It can therefore be used horizontally in the event of limited installation space

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  • Manufacturer Hoppecke Batteries
  • Voltage 2V
  • Battery Chemistry OPzV
  • Commodity Code 85072080
  • Dimensions (mm) (H x W x D) 710 x 193 x 215

Its configuration with positive tubular plates and all-round protection of the active mass by woven polyester gauntlets ensures extremely high resilience. Our grid | power VR L batteries are therefore ideal for use in areas with high charge and discharge loads, such as solar applications, or for long hold times in areas such as IT/ telecommunication or security lighting.

Product design to DIN ensures the highest level of compatibility when replacing existing equipment and for integration with the extension of existing battery systems. HOPPECKE grid | power VR L batteries significantly reduce your maintenance costs and contribute to sustainable economic operation.

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