Intilion Scalebloc Boost 68.5kVA 68.5kWh Battery Storage System - Outdoor/Slave


The Intilion Scalebloc is a scalable AC coupled battery solution. Designed to be plug and play. Each IP55 enclosure contains the inverters, batteries and energy management system within an air-conditioned enclosure. Ideal for situations where the unit needs to be positioned outside.  The 73kWh lithium-ion battery is enclosed within a unique fire protection housing. So suitable for hazardous areas like garage forecourts. 

The Scalebloc can be supplied with either a 25, 50 or 68.5kVA inverter. If increased power or autonomy is required, the units can be paralleled to a maximum of 16 units. 

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  • Manufacturer Intilion
  • Battery Chemistry Lithium-Ion
  • Commodity Code 85044083
  • Dimensions (mm) (H x W x D) 2125 x 1674 1026
  • Inverter Capacity 68.5kVA
  • Usable Energy Content 73kWh
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