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Flat Roof Solar Mounting

Roofs which have zero or negligible gradient require a unique type of mounting arrangement. The installation may also require that the roof is not penetrated by any fixing/securing equipment, in which case a ballast based mounting system may be required. A typical flat roof installation will usually require a frame, not only to allow the panels to be pitched and orientated to the desired aspect but also to provide a secure and safe anchoring system for the attached equipment.

If you are unsure of the equipment required please contact us to discuss further, we can contact Renusol or Schletter who offer a free mounting design service, alternatively refer to our mounting category pages which provide further information. Please note Schletter Alugrid (flat roof solution) is not listed below but it can be supplied.

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  1. Renusol

    ConSole+ (including Mounting Material and U-Profile)

    SKU: REN-520075-K
    £49.55 £59.46 inc VAT
  2. Renusol

    Streamliner+ for ConSole+ Tubs

    SKU: REN-520076
    £22.43 £26.92 inc VAT
  3. Renusol

    Elongation Rails for ConSole

    SKU: REN-460001
    Contact us for price
  4. Renusol

    FS10-S Base Rail 1389mm

    SKU: REN-500400
    £8.37 £10.04 inc VAT
  5. Renusol

    FS10 East/West Base Rail 2260mm

    SKU: REN-500500
    £14.05 £16.86 inc VAT
  6. Renusol

    FS18-S Base Rail 1739 mm

    SKU: REN-500401
    Contact us for price
  7. Renusol

    FS Ridge Support for FS-10°

    SKU: REN-500421
    £4.14 £4.97 inc VAT
  8. Renusol

    FS10 East/West Ridge Support 10°

    SKU: REN-500520
    £5.40 £6.48 inc VAT
  9. Renusol

    FS Ridge Support 18° (assembled)

    SKU: REN-510422
    Contact us for price
  10. Renusol

    Streamliner for FS10-S

    SKU: REN-500430
    £11.20 £13.44 inc VAT
  11. Renusol

    Streamliner for FS18-S (Set)

    SKU: REN-520431
    Contact us for price
  12. Renusol

    FS Base Rail Connector

    SKU: REN-500404
    £1.59 £1.91 inc VAT
  13. Renusol

    FS Eave Support

    SKU: REN-500420
    £0.69 £0.83 inc VAT
  14. Renusol

    Roof Protection Pad 1000x100x11mm for Base Rail

    SKU: REN-500412
    Contact us for price
  15. Renusol

    FS Roof Protection Pad 110x95x20mm Alu Coated

    SKU: REN-500411
    £1.32 £1.58 inc VAT
  16. Renusol

    Cylinder Screw M6x110 similar DIN 912

    SKU: REN-900314
    £0.56 £0.67 inc VAT
  17. Renusol

    Self Drilling Screw 4.8x19 A2

    SKU: REN-900229
    £0.45 £0.54 inc VAT