With some European countries looking to ban the sale of Internal Combustion Engines as early as 2025, electric vehicle sales across the continent continue to increase with both Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PHEV) and full Battery powered Electric Vehicles (BEV).

EV Charging solutions at CCL

Here at CCL, careful consideration was undertaken to decide upon the best types of EV chargers we supply for the UK and beyond. We have carefully selected two of the most efficient and successful Electric Vehicle (EV) charging manufacturers to supply our customers and their EV charging needs. All our EV chargers / systems are applicable for OLEV grant scheme. We supply commercial and residential solutions and offer great value trade pricing.

EVBox are industry leaders starting in 2006 and with over 75k chargers installed worldwide and recently picked up their second CES Innovation Award for advancements within the EV sector. MyEnergi began in 2017 and since then have picked up several awards for their products and namely there Zappi EV charger.

  • Residential

    We have many options on domestic charging and some with “smart charging” capability. In conjunction with domestic solar solutions you can effectively charge the EV from your solar system.

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  • Commercial

    We provide options on Commercial AC charging, up to 22Kw and also DC chargers from 50KW. Ask about our commercial solutions either for private businesses or for public access solutions including Carports

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  • CCL EV Charging Guide

    Have a look at this handy guide we have put together comparing EV charging for Residential & Commercial.

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Case study

Going electric

Like many large companies with a substantial carbon footprint, Nature’s Pride made the ethical decision to transform from diesel to electricity. Starting by providing their electric-car driving staff with chargers – they over-compensated so that the electric car drivers of the future will be supported as well.

“Our goal is to move to a fully electric fleet in the next few years. This is why we’ve doubled our charging points from 16 to 32.” - Michael Pleijsier, Faculty Manager, Nature’s Pride

Your project We stock a wide range of products to enable a one-stop-shop for your business. Begin building your EV charging solution.

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