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KOHLER-SDMO R06 Wheel Kit for Honda Generators <3kW

KOHLER-SDMO R11 Hose Kit for 2" Pumps (5m In/25m Out)

KOHLER-SDMO R12 Hose Kit for 3" Pumps (5m In/25m Out)

KOHLER-SDMO R16 Hose Kit for 1" Pumps (5m In/10m Out)

KOHLER-SDMO R21 Hose Kit for 4" Pumps (5m In/25m Out)

KOHLER-SDMO Remote Start Plug 4 PIN for APM

KOHLER-SDMO RKB1HD Wheel Kit for all Kohler Petrol Sets

KOHLER-SDMO RKB2 Wheel Kit for Honda Genreators >3kW

KOHLER-SDMO RKB3 Wheel Kit for Diesel 6000E/TE Silence

KOHLER-SDMO RPQ Earthing Spike

KOHLER-SDMO RSTART(2) Remote Control Start (<50m)

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