The term ‘off-grid’ applies to a multitude of scenarios, from single battery systems for simple monitoring setups, through to larger multi-phase commercial scenarios with multiple sources of power. Irrespective of the complexity of the system, the fundamental requirement of having a robust, cost effective and easily managed solution, is essential for all applications. Continue reading to find out how CCL can be of service to your business and your customers to give you the best in off-grid power solutions.

Off-Grid solutions at CCL

The term ‘off-grid’ does not restrict itself to the stereotypical isolated hut in a remote rural location, that only requires occasional lighting. In reality, off-grid relates to countless applications ranging from simple to complex power requirements that either have an intermittent or no connection to a public grid supply/conventional generation source. It is important to be mindful that off-grid requirements do come in all shapes and sizes; where recognition of the finer detail and consideration of this within the design, is all too important.

CCL have decades of experience within the off-grid industry and continue to deliver a customer-centric service for business to business. We offer varying levels of support, tailored to suit your specific needs. This could range from component supply only to technical advice and feasibility analysis, all the way through to supplying turnkey bespoke designed and fully contained systems. At CCL, our well-established relationships with key off-grid suppliers allows us to offer the most suitable solutions to our customers.

There are many reasons that an off-grid power system may provide the answer to a particular challenge and not always because there is no existing electrical connection. It may be to tackle existing power stability issues with a grid connection; or it could be to facilitate expansion on a constrained power system; the challenge may even be to reduce energy costs. For whatever reason you are considering off-grid, CCL can help.

  • Aren’t off-grid systems too expensive?

    Solutions come in all shapes and sizes. At CCL, we carefully consider your budget when specifying a solution, without compromising on quality. Our expansive range of products and services caters for all types of projects.

  • Should I use a generator?

    Diesel, LPG and hydrogen generators, amongst others, all provide stable predictable sources of power. There are times when integrating a fuel based generation source into an off-grid application is essential. Such an integration can work extremely well with our battery based power solutions, either with or without renewable resources.

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  • How do I design an off-grid system?

    The prospect of specifying an off-grid solution shouldn’t be seen as a daunting challenge. Here at CCL, we possess a wide range of experience and skillset to assist your project, every step of the way. We will ensure that you and your customer are well informed of the products and services we have on offer and how to apply them.

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Application: Providing stable off-grid power to rural health clinics

CCL were tasked with specifying a replicable solution, to be deployed across a number of rural health clinics throughout Ethiopia. Some of the key challenges and questions our client included: how to manage an unstable and intermittent grid supply; how to provide round the clock power to improve service; how to integrate renewable generation, to maximise uptime. We were delighted to offer a solution that provided a sustainable, long-term and cost effective answer to the problems being faced by our client and the end-users of the system.

Case study

Off Grid Residential House

A customer whose property was too remote for a grid connection required an innovative off-grid solution. The previous power solution was a costly and non-environmentally friendly generator. Little Green Energy Company installed a system which used solar as the main source of power, with the existing diesel generator being used for back-up. Solution: Trina solar panels, 44kWh of Gel batteries, SMA solar inverter, Sunny Island inverter/charger. The solar installation results in clean and silent power being provided all year round.

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