The marine life for many is a way of offering a new type of freedom to explore the world, however that shouldn’t have to be at the cost of access to reliable power. The call for electrical power in the marine setting can take many forms. In some cases, marine applications can be harsh and require high calibre equipment and others may be less strenuous and only require satisfaction of relatively small power requirements. Some of the great brands suited to the marine industry include Victron Energy, BYD and Rolls Battery Engineering.

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Power requirements come in all shapes and sizes; from supplying lighting and device charging requirements, through to powering heating/cooling, pump, navigation, security and cooking. Most marine requirements demand compact, vibration resistant and durable power solutions.

CCL has proven experience delivering solutions, both at OEM and individual bespoke level. These projects have been successful due to the customer-centric service for business to business. We offer varying levels of support, tailored to suit your specific needs. This could range from component supply only to technical advice and feasibility analysis, all the way through to supplying turnkey bespoke designed and fully contained systems. At CCL, our well-established relationships with key technology and software suppliers allows us to offer the most suitable solution to our customers.

  • The need for battery power in a marine system?

    You can’t always guarantee that wherever you go, there will be power available to use. In recent times, there has been exponential growth in the demand for mobile power systems. Irrespective of what your operations are, it is essential that a reliable source of power is always available.

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  • Should I use a generator?

    Diesel, LPG and hydrogen generators, amongst others, all provide stable predictable sources of power. Another common source of electrical energy in marine applications is from using the boat’s alternator. There are times when integrating a fuel based generation source into a marine application is essential. Such an integration can work extremely well with our battery based power solutions, either with or without renewable resources.

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  • How do I manage my marine system?

    In the inevitable drive towards IoT devices, CCL believe that there is no reason that any component should be left behind. We offer a range of products to boost connectivity, management of fleet and visibility for all components that comprise a marine power solution.

    In many cases, our clients will have their own monitoring solutions in place, where we can integrate and supply data too with ease. Where there is no existing management platform, or there is an inadequate provision, our management platform can help pave the way towards total system visibility.

Application: Upgrading to lithium from lead acid

A sailing yacht underwent an upgrade from a lead acid battery system to a lithum based power system. The advantages of the investment far outweighed the disadvantages. Integration of the lithium system has introduced a maintenance-free system that is significantly lighter with a significantly extended service life, relative to lead acid. The upgrade has also almost doubled the usable energy capacity in a similar space. The system can be charged from the alternator, solar power or shore power/generator.

Case study

An Epic Journey Across the Waves

World-record holding adventurer Fedor Konyukhov spent 154 days rowing eleven thousand five-hundred kilometres from New Zealand to Cape Horn. The world's wildest waters called for the highest quality equipment at his disposal. Among a plethora of the finest equipment were solar panels that charged batteries via two Victron MPPT Solar Chargers which ensured his batteries were charged and his emergency electrical equipment functioned for his entire trip.

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