Studer Isolated RS232 Communication Module with 2m Cable

SKU: Xcom-232i

The communication module Xcom-232i, equipped with a serial port RS-232, enables to be informed of the state of a system consisting of one or several Xtenders, VarioTracks or VarioStrings.

It is then possible to read all data that can be displayed on the remote control basic screen and also to modify the configuration parameters. An Xtender, VarioTrack or VarioString system can therefore be connected to various SCADA control and supervision devices (PC, programmable logic controller, and microcontroller).

From a more technical point of view, the electrical interface RS-232 allows for instance the data transmission with GSM modems, RS-232 bridges to TCP/IP or also with long distance converters RS-422. Besides, in order to secure a total electrical separation between the Xtender, VarioTrack or VarioString system and the control and supervision device, the port is protected by means of a galvanic isolation.

The module Xcom-232i is also having a function of data recording and analysing (Data logger function).

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  • Manufacturer Studer Innotec
  • Accessory Product Type Communication
  • Dimensions (mm) (H x W x D) 110.5 x 75 x 26

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