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Riello Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) solutions

With air-water monobloc systems ranging from 4.20kW to 15.9kW heating capacity, the Riello NXHM range is ideal for residential applications and comes with a standard 5-year parts and labour warranty and a 7-year warranty for accredited installers.

Each heat pump within the NXHM range operates on R32 refrigerant. This offers a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) and reduced CO2 emissions and significantly enhances efficiency and overall performance.

Installation is a made easy thanks to pre-installed components, requiring minimal preparation. These Riello NXHM heat pumps can function as stand-alone heat generators in hybrid setups or as singular units in fully electric systems. This makes them a great choice for both new build constructions and retrofit applications.

Why Choose the Riello NXHM Air Source Heat Pump?

Wide range of heating capacities: 4.20kW to 15.9kW

Excellent energy efficiency: high COP and EER, complying with the industry's highest energy efficiency standards

Versatile heating options: Connect the NXHM heat pump with low-temperature radiators, underfloor radiant elements, or fan coil units, to improve versatility in your heating solutions

Optimal water heating: Water temperatures up to +65°C, ensure warmth, comfort and safety

Whisper-quiet operation: NXHM operates with a low audible volume, perfect for high density housing

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