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Renusol is renowned in the industry for building very high-quality mounting systems for Solar and PV roof and ground-mount installations. With more than 20 years of experience and the delivery of mounting systems for more than 3 Gigawatts to more than 48 countries, Renusol is one of the key players in the PV industry. There are various systems and components to facilitate any size project available at CCL Components.

Renusol Cap VS+ Mounting Rail 41 x 35mm - Grey

Renusol ConSole+ (including Mounting Material and U-Profile)

Renusol Elongation Rails for ConSole

Renusol End Cap RIGHT / LEFT (grey) 50x37

Renusol End Clamp+ 30-50mm - Black

Renusol End Clamp+ 30-50mm - Silver

Renusol MetaSole+ Adapter Corrugated Sheet (Radius 24)

Renusol MetaSole+ Landscape Trapezoidal Mounting

Renusol MetaSole+ Portrait Trapezoidal Mounting

Renusol Middle Clamp+ 30-50mm - Black

Renusol Middle Clamp+ 30-50mm - Silver

Renusol Mounting Material for Console 4.1, 4.2, 5.2, 6.2,CS+


Renusol MS+ Portrait 400 mm (Set)

Renusol Roof Hook UK Pantile (without wood screw)

Renusol Roof Hook UK Plain Tiles/Slates (without wood screw)

Renusol Self Drilling Screw SW 8 6.0x25 E16

Renusol VS+ Mounting Rail 41 x 35 x 3300mm

Renusol VS+ Rail Connector 41 x 35mm

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